Climber 9.22
Grillo hidrostatski traktor sa blokadom diferencijala

Climber 9.22


Climber 9.22 - 1.516.800,00


Climber 9.22
Climber 9.22

Climber 9.22

Climber 9.22
Climber 9.22
Climber 9.22
Climber 9.18
Climber 9.18
Climber 9.18




Podesivi prednji raonik 125 cm


Za upotrebu na Climber 10 AWD 22 - Climber 10 AWD 27 - Climber 7.13 - Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.16 - Climber 7.18 - Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22 - MD 13 - MD 18 - MD 22 - MD 22N

item no.: 9G2611

Težina: 54 kg

Item no. 949411 for Climber 9 Series needed

Item no. 949311 for Climber 7 Series needed



Gumena lajsna za raonik 125 cm

Rubber end for blade 125 cm - COD. 9E5911C

Za upotrebu na Climber 10 AWD 22 - Climber 10 AWD 27 - Climber 7.13 - Climber 7.15 - Climber 7.16 - Climber 7.18 - Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22 - Dumper 507 - G 107d - G 108 - G 110 - G 131 - G 85d - GF 3 - GF 3DF - MD 13 - MD 18 - MD 22 - MD 22N

item no.: 9E5911C

Težina: 1 kg



Nosač za raonik 125 cm za Climber 9 seriju i MD22


Za upotrebu na Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22 - MD 22

item no.: 9G7211

Težina: 7 kg




Lanci za sneg 17x8.00-8 (par) Climber 9 Series


Za upotrebu na Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22

item no.: 9M3922

Težina: 2 kg



Dodatni par točkova sa adapterima


Za upotrebu na Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22

item no.: 917412

Težina: 37 kg



Kit za malčiranje za 91 cm dek

Mulching kit  for cutting deck cm 91 - COD. 9M2011

Za upotrebu na Climber 8.22 - Climber 9.18 - Climber 9.22

item no.: 9M2011

Težina: 13 kg




xxx Motor
Briggs & Stratton 7220 Professional Series V-Twin
Elektro starter sa 12 V baterijom
Zapremina 656 cc, 2 Cilindra
Snaga 18 HP (13.2 kW)
Vazdušni filter
Papirni filter
Kapacitet rezervoara Rezervoar 13l (rezerva 3l)
Prenos Hidrostatički prenos sa reduktorom i diferencijalom
Kvačilo Elektromagnetno kvačilo sa kočnicom noža
aa Kosište Zadnje/bočno izbacivanje
Širina otkosa 91 cm, nož sa plivajućim oštricama otpornim na udarce
Visina košenja Od 30 do 90 mm 4 podeoka za košenje + 1 za transport
Periferna brzina sečiva 76 m/s
aa Zaključavanje diferencijala Zaključavanje diferencijala pomoću pedale
aa Prednji točkovi 3,50-6 TRACTOR otporni na probijanje
  Zadnji točkovi 17x8.00-8 Tractor
Brzina Kontinuirano promenljiva od 0 to 10 km/h, rikverc od 0 do 6 km/h
Radijus okretanja 38 cm
Sedište Nisko i podesivo sedište, sa rol barom
  Servisna kočnica Na prednjim točkovima kočnicama se upravlja pedalom
  Parking kočnica Na zadnjim točkovima kočnicama se upravlja polugom
aa Kapacitet košenja po satu (indikativno) 7200 m^2/h
aa Dužina 1800 mm

990 mm
  Visina 1070 mm
Težina 311 kg
The Climber 922 is a hydrostatic ride-on brush cutter. It is equipped with a diff- lock and front parking brakes and it is ideal for mowing high grass and overgrown neglected areas. The machine is especially suited for use on steep slopes and banks due to its low centre of gravity and wide wheelbase. With a high performance Briggs & Stratton 18HP engine, the Climber 9.22 can perform these tasks safely,quickly and efficiently. The machine is ideal for working in the countryside, agriculture, or in the maintenance of both professional and domestic gardening. Its extreme maneuverability, smooth drive and high work rate make the Grillo Climber 9.22 an extremely rapid and efficient machine whilst at the same time being very easy to use.
The single blade cutter deck has a working width of 91 cm. The structure of the whole cutter deck is designed to be shock-resistant. The blade shaft has a large diameter and the robust drive train ensures reliability in the most demanding of situations. The cutter blade is made from a special type of steel having low-noise levels, and is fitted with two reversible swing tip blades (sharpened on both sides so that they can be reversed once they are worn) which protect the shaft in case of striking unseen objects. The cutter deck also has protective side openings which can be raised for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Grillo Climber 9.22 is a compact sized machine, with a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution, built to obtain maximum stability under most conditions and allowing maximum security for the operator in working areas where there are slopes. A low positioned padded seat with arm rests gives increased safety to the operator, whilst the low mounted,vertical crank engine which is positioned over the drive unit, the centrally positioned cutter deck, exactly between the 4 wheels, as well as the tank and battery located over the front axle, makes the machine extraordinarily stable.

The front pivoting axle and wheels with tractor profile tyres ensure grip on uneven slippery terrain. On steep slopes the Climber 9.22 will climb with maximum safety and stability. In order to further increase operator safety downhill, the Climber 9.22 has been fitted with front drum brakes which are pedal operated; and used in conjunction with the differential lock permit a high degree of traction.

The extremely small turning circle of only 38 cm allows you to work in narrow confines. The low height clearance makes the Climber ideal for mowing under trees, bushes etc. A powerful, professional 18hp Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder engine guarantees, together with a robust chassis and reliable transmission, high performance even for the most demanding professional operators. The Climbers front tyres have had anti-puncture treatment making work possible in the most hostile of places! 

The transmission consists of a hydrostatic unit and a pedal operated diff- lock. The hydrostatic transmission of the Climber 9 series is unique in its class! Apart from the cooling system fan it is also fitted with a copper coil ensuring optimum oil cooling. Furthermore the transmission incorporates a high performance pump giving the Climber 9.22 optimal performance even in the most demanding situations. The hydrostatic transmission is positioned to the side of the engine, and not below it, to help obtain low oil temperature. This positioning avoids warm air from the engine and so subsequent contact with the hydrostatic transmission has been avoided.

The engagement of the blades is made via an electric push-button positioned near the steering wheel. The cutting height, from 30 to 90 mm can be adjusted from the driver’s seat by means of a lever which has 4 cutting positions; the same lever has a position for transfer allowing you to lift the whole cutter deck from the ground. The blade rotation is interrupted automatically in order to negotiate road kerbs. The cutter deck’s belt tension is self-adjusting. The whole cutter deck is always kept parallel to the ground improving the cut quality even after many years of intensive use.

The Climber 9.22 is an extremely comfortable machine! Its extraordinary operator space is obtained by having very low and long foot-rests. The operators feet lean towards the best angle giving them maximum safety. The drive lever and steering wheel are both smooth in operation. The adjustable and dampened seat is fitted with armrests that ensure greater safety for the operator when working on slopes. The Climber 9.22s driving position will not fatigue the operator even after extended periods of work!

The Climber 9.22 is fitted with an 18 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin professional petrol engine, with electric start. Its twin cylinder overhead valve design has cast iron liners with a displacement of 656 cc. It incorporates the latest cutting edge technology to ensure reliability, low emissions, reduced consumption, high performance and low vibration levels. The air filter is easily accessible for fast and easy cleaning. The fuel tank is positioned over the front axle, has a 13 ltr capacity and is equipped with a reserve tank for extended work on slopes. The “Grillo Super Silent” exhaust of the 9.22 was designed by Grillo in order to reduce noise emission and offer minimal exhaust resistance.

The compact and robust design ensure the operator’s maximum safety and comfort at all times. Climber 9.22 has passed very stringent tests to prove the reliability of its drive system, cutter deck, chassis and all its components. Engine protection bar, tow hitch and hour meter are all standard. As an option there is a mulch kit designed for use on English lawns, it allows clippings to be cut into very fine pieces which, under the right conditions, will be absorbed back as nourishment to the ground. The 130 cm width Magnum cutter deck with its three blades, and mulch/rear discharge capability is ideal for the maintenance of finer grassed areas.

All components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of a high standard. The chassis, cutting transmission, cutter deck, are all built by Grillo using premium materials and cutting edge technology. All this in order to achieve a constant 100% quality control level. Painting of Grillo machines incorporates a double electrostatic powder coating process. At the first stage are the washing baths and preparation, then a first protective coat is applied which is then baked in a special oven, this has proven to be the best base for the application of the finish. The second coat consists of powder coating and still further baking in an oven at 190°C, this then produces the characteristic hardness and shine. All Climber 9.22 are assembled with care in every detail and tested scrupulously by specialized personnel. Final inspection includes running the engine in order to check all its functions to ensure a further and final guarantee of a first class product. 

The Climber 9.22, as with all Grillo products, was designed and built to last plus retain its value over many years. All Grillo machines are distributed and serviced by a widespread dealer network. Spare parts remain available for many years after production has stopped giving you extra confidence in Grillo.