CL 62
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CL 62


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CL 62
CL 62

CL 62

CL 62
CL 62
CL 62


The cutting deck is mounted on the front of the CL62 to cut bushes and under short branches. High grass, brush and shrubs are directed into the cutting deck and cut thanks to the special stainless steel blade. The cut grass is then discharged rearwards.
The front cutting deck doors opens automatically when necessary, to prevent the highest shrubs from being flattened an increasing therefore the efficiency of the whole cutting system.
The cutting deck belt is self-adjusting and is always kept level.  

CL62 cutting deck is totally made of high-grade steel, cutting height can be progressively adjusted from a minimum of 5 cm up to 11 cm via an easy-to-use hand-wheel.

The blade is made of special stainless steel, it has a particular shape to reduce noise emissions and ensures a high quality cut even on “English-style” lawns. The blade is fitted with swinging tips with double-cutting edges; just turn the tip upside-down when one side is wore out.
Max. cutting height is 110 mm which is ideal on uneven grounds to prevent the blade from accidentally hitting the soil.

The cutting deck front wheel is solid and puncture-proof. When cutting on slopes it can be locked parallel to the real wheels to make work easier. The wheel can be easily locked and unlocked, no additional tools needed.

Thanks to its even weight distribution and its low centre of gravity, CL62 is a perfectly balanced machine!

During work the handlebar can be easily controlled with one hand only, enabling the operator to engage the forward or the reverse gear via the control placed on the handlebar itself. This system is very useful when working on slopes, when cutting shrubs or under short branches and when operating in grounds filled with obstacles!

Double adjustment of the handlebar: the height of the handlebar can be adjusted to meet the needs of every operator, in addition the handle can be adjusted laterally to make cutting easier in difficult areas such as under short branches or areas filled with obstacles.

CL62 is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, its speed ranging from 0 to 6 km/h in forward gear and from 0 to 3,5 km/h in reverse gear.


CL62 is fitted with a disc parking brake to ensure greater safety on slopes.

All controls as well as the handlebar adjustment levers are comfortably placed within operator's reach.

CL62 is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Intek 950E Series OHV petrol engine plus 1,1 litre tank. The single-cylinder 223 cc engine combines innovation and reliability, granting low emissions and vibrations, reduced consumption and high performances. The recoil starter is totally reliable and is fitted with a Ready Start device to make the starting of the machine even easier.

This unique machine is fitted with four silent-blocs placed on the engine support, protecting the frame from the engine vibrations, making the use of the brush-cutter more comfortable.r. 

CL62 can be easily set in the vertical position, just by leaning the handlebar against the ground. Cutting deck cleaning and maintenance are then easily carried out.

Each single component, from the simplest to the more complex, is of high quality. Frame, handlebar, cutting deck are designed and built by Grillo in Italy, using only quality materials and modern technologies to ensure 100% controlled and constant quality.

Painting of Grillo machines incorporates a double electrostatic powder coating process. At the first stage are the washing baths and preparation, then a first protective coat is applied which is then baked in a special oven. This has proven to be the best base for the application of the finish. The second coat consists of powder coating and still further baking in an oven at 190°C, this then produces the characteristic hardness and shine.

Assembly operations of CL62 are meticulously performed by specialist staff. A final test is then carried out with the engine running to ensure that all of its functions work properly. More proof of the quality of Grillo products.



xxx Motor

Briggs & Stratton Intek 950E Series OHV
Potezni starter
Zapremina 223 cc, 1 cillindar
Snaga 5.6 HP (4.2 kW)
Vazdušno hlađenje motora

Kapacitet rezervoara 1,1 L
Prenos Hidrostatik
Vuča 2 WD
aa Kosište Izbacivanje trave pozadi sa prednjim otvorom
Širina otkosa 62 cm
Visina košenja Od 5 do 11 cm kontinuirano i brzo podesivo pomoću ručice
Periferna brzina sečiva 74 m/s
aa Točkovi Traktor 4.00-8, prednji točkak otporan na probijanje
Brzina Kontinuirano promenljiva od 0 to 6 km/h, rikverc od 0 do 3,5 km/h
Parking kočnica Aktivacija pedalom
Rukohvati Brzo podešavanjem visine i bočno podešavanje upravljača
aa Kapacitet košenja po satu (indikativno) 2000 m^2/h
aa Dužina 198 cm

  Visina 98 cm
Težina 99 kg